Explosive composition plant

Hexogen Recrystallization

The plant for hexogen recrystallization is of batch type. The recrystallization is accomplished from acetone. The process can be controlled so that as the final product is obtained recrystallized hexogen of the desired particle size.

In the same equipment can be also manufactured RDX compositions, PETN and HMX compositions with TNT (so called hexotols and octols), as well as phlegmatized hexogen and octogen.

Raw materials feeding and dissolving

Acetone and weighed out quantity of stabilized hexogen are fed to the crystallizer. The vessel is heated and hexogen is dissolved in acetone with stirring.


The solution of hexogen in acetone is evaporated in the crystallizing up to the determined volume. Acetone fumes are condensed in the heat exchanger and the condensate is collected in the receiving vessel.

Diluting and recrystallization

Diluting and recrystallization are carried out by adding of hot water to the crystallizer. Upon that, the crystallizer is heated and acetone is conveyed to the rectification column wherefrom concentrated acetone is collected and by means of the pump fed back to the process.

Filtration, drying, packing

Hexogen and water are separated from the mobile filter which is subsequently driven to the drying under vacuum. Finally, the dried recrystallized hexogen is packed.

Explosive composition plant

Both hexotols and recrystallized hexogen are manufactured in the same reaction vessel.

The process of hexotol manufacture comprises the following phases: TNT casting, Raw materials feeding, Phlegmatization, Filtration, Drying, Packing.

TNT melting

TNT is molten in a special vessel with heating.

Raw materials feeding

Process water, hexogen and molten TNT are fed to the vessel for phlegmatization.


In this phase is carried out hexogen phlegmatization with TNT followed by stirring and heating. Suspension of hexotol in water is finally cooled.

Filtration, drying, packing

Performed in the same way as with recrystallized hexogen.

In order to increase safety and preventive precautions of the devices and operators, the installation is equipped with the local ventilation system.

Other Mixtures

In the same way as hexotol, compositions of other explosives with TNT can be also produced, such as PENTOL (PETN/TNT) and OCTOL (HMX/TNT) in various ratios.