From the initial batch production of TNT, the technology for the continuous production of nearly all modern high explosives has been developed by our own development and engineering. Prva Iskra - Namenska a.d. has now own technology for continuous production of TNT / DNT, RDX / PETN, then batch production RDX / HMX, and various compositions on the basis of these explosives.

In the field of explosives for defense, Prva Iskra - Namenska a.d. is well-known in the world for its technology transfer for the production of high explosives, based on a turnkey system.

Besides the production of high explosives, the company has own technology for producing industrial explosives, acid and waste gases recovery technology, oleum and 98% sulphuric acid technology, etc.

Octogen Technology

Explosive - octogen - HMXOctogen synthesis is performed using the acetanhydride process, resp. by hexamine nitration, whereon as incoming components are used ammonium nitrate solution in concentrated nitric acid, hexamine solution in glacial acetic acid and acetic acid anhydride. Octogen obtained in our plant is in the form of stable β modification.

Our plant for octogen manufacture is of batch type. Yield of octogen obtained by this process amounts to 70% of the theoretical one, calculated to hexamine. Read more

Acid and waste gases recovery technology

These plants are used for processing and recovery of the waste acids and gases originating from the before mentioned explosive manufacturing plants. Within this package of plants we offer the following for: Waste acids denitration; Nitrous gases absorption; Waste acids distillation in order to remove the explosive; Acetic acid concentration; Waste waters processing.

For a more economical manufacture of the explosives we can also provide plants for nitric and sulphuric acid concentration, as well as for oleum production. Read more