Boosters are made of cast TNT/RDX mixtures with an integrated primer charge of pressed tetryl or PETN which produces high velocity of detonation and detonating pressures, ensuring reliable initiation of bulk and cartridge explosives even in arduous conditions. It can be initiated by electric, non-electric or electronic detonators.


Density, g/cm³:

Detonation Velocity, m/s:

Oxygen Balance, % (m/m):

Gas Volume, l/kg:

Explosion Heat, kJ/kg:






Use and Storage

Boosters are unaffected by adverse temperatures or long storage duration. There are also insensitive to water, have a high energy content and high detonation velocity. These excellent qualities ensure safe and effective initiation of bulk explosives. The boosters in the range are easy to use and will accept both non-electric and electric detonators. It is not recommended as a slider primer with detonating cord. Boosters are available for use in ground temperatures -20°C to a maximum of +50°C.

If stores and handled properly the shelf life of boosters is unlimited. Boosters are best stored at ambient temperatures of -10 °C to +30°C.