ANFO Explosive

The ANFO Explosive consists of prilled ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel oil or biodiesel. ANFO has a wide variety of applications in dry hole blasting conditions. It is one of the most cost effective blasting agents available for use in large hole diameter mining through to small hole diameter quarrying. ANFO provides excellent heave energy.


Density, g/cm³:

Detonation Velocity, m/s:

Oxygen Balance, % (m/m):

Gas Volume, l/kg:

Explosion Heat, kJ/kg:

0.8 - 1.0

2800 - 3400



3850 - 4100

Use and Storage

ANFO Explosive is not water resistant should be therefore used only under dry conditions or filled into a loading hose. Explosives based on ammonium nitrate such as the ANFO may react with pyritic materials in the ground and create potentially hazardous situations. ANFO should not be used in hazardous environments where flammable gases or flammable dust may exit. ANFO is suitable for use in ground with a temperature of -10°C to a maximum of 55°C.

ANFO has a maximum shelf life of six months dependent on temperature and humidity conditions. Storage in a high humidity and high temperature environment will accelerate product breakdown and should be avoided.