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Prva Iskra - Namenska Serbian defence industrial facilities cover basically a six state-owned companies fully engaged in production of weapons, ammunition and ammunition components. One of them, company Prva Iskra - Namenska a.d. is dedicated to the development and manufacture of a wide variety of explosives (octogen, hexogen, pentrite, TNT and compositions based on these explosives).

From its establishment in 1938 to the present day, Prva Iskra - Namenska a.d. has played its part in the defence of Serbia through the manufacture and sale of all types of high explosives. Read more


At Prva Iskra - Namenska a.d., you will find a unique workplace with a diverse mix of personalities and expertise. You will work in an atmosphere where you are encouraged to achieve your full potential. Read more


In order to increase the security in the facility, KABA access control and IP CCTV systems have been successfully installed using megapixel IP cameras for all important areas of the facility.


Prva Iskra Namenska - History The company Prva Iskra - Namenska a.d. can look back on more than 75 years of experience in the production of explosives. It was established in 1938, as facility for the production of explosives, by the company VISTAD from Visegrad (Višegrad Industry of Eng. Stanković AD - abbreviated to ''VISTAD''). In 1948, the enterprise has been registered under a new name of "Prva Iskra". In the same year, the first technological line for the production of trinitrotoluene was launched. Read more


In line wPrva Iskra Namenska - ISO Qualityith our objectives for progress and sustainability, we have always maintained a clear and strict policy with regards to quality control.

Our company's successful implementation of its performance has been essential in turning around the quality of our products granting it the ISO 9001:2008 certification issued by Serbian military control. Read more