Thanks to our technological knowledge and experience, we have developed all modern high explosives
  • From the initial batch production of TNT, the technology for the continuous production of nearly all modern high explosives has been developed by our own development and engineering. Prva Iskra - Namenska a.d. has now own technology for continuous production of TNT / DNT, RDX / PETN, then batch production RDX / HMX, and various compositions on the basis of these explosives.

    Besides the production of high explosives, the company has own technology for producing industrial explosives.

We can look back on more than 75 years of experience in the production of explosives
  • With more than 75 years experience in our field we have built a reputation for supplying high quality products. We have a highly experienced team of engineers and scientists who work with government and other industry partners to research and develop a wide range of high explosives.

    Thanks to our experience, technological knowledge, investments to research and development and creativity of our employees, we are able to meet specific customer specialty requirements.

We work to the latest international standards such as MIL STDs, GOSTs, and ISO regulation
  • In line with our objectives for progress and sustainability, we have always maintained a clear and strict policy with regards to quality control. Our company is committed to offering our clients the best products and services available in a competitive global market.

    Our company's successful implementation of its performance has been essential in turning around the quality of our products granting it the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

About Company

Prva Iskra Namenska - Ministry of DefenceSerbian defence industrial facilities cover basically a six state-owned companies fully engaged in production of weapons, ammunition and ammunition components. One of them, company Prva Iskra - Namenska a.d. is dedicated to the development and manufacture of a wide variety of explosives (octogen, hexogen, pentrite, TNT).

From its establishment in 1938 to the present day, Prva Iskra - Namenska a.d. has played its part in the defense of Serbia through the manufacture and sale of all types of high explosives.

Thanks to our know-how and experience in technology and production of high explosives, we have built our strong position in this part of Europe. Read more

Other Products

Our company provides PETN-based raw materials for pharmaceutical products used to treat cardio-vascular diseases. We are also the main supplier of chemicals for automotive industry in Serbia. Read more


We have experience in organizing bulk transports of dangerous material (ADR: Class 1.1D) using our own security services for protecting our facilities and transportation. Read more


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